Letter to the Editor / President Joe Biden

By Roger C. Kostmayer

People from all parts of the political spectrum are questioning whether President Biden should run for reelection in November 2024.  What’s puzzling is that most of them seem to be from President Biden’s own party, and the complainers have no idea who would be a more qualified candidate likely to solidify the party and assure victory.

The concerns seem to stem from what Joe isn’t.  He isn’t young, charismatic or a spellbinding orator.  Fair enough. Neither is he Barak Obama, Abe Lincoln, or FDR.  Clearly true.  So what is he?  He’s an underestimated, decent and experienced professional. A moderate centrist who appeals to independents, not unlike Harry Truman. He believes in bipartisan democracy and solving big, difficult problems by cooperation and compromise.  At this stage, President Biden wants to do the right things the right way for the American people.  The obvious questions are: how’s he doing and what does his track record or resume tell us?

If you consider globally all the challenges facing our nation (pandemics, potentially WW III, confronting China, global warming, uniting Americans, saving democracy and our constitution – and then improving the price of domestic gasoline, our economy and crime) – historians might give Joe an A+

Our political system is built on competition and merit.  If in 2024 the Democratic Party has inspiring candidates for Presidential nomination, ones who can persuade the party and the American electorate they are prepared to lead our nation, that’s a good thing.  But President Joe Biden should not be overlooked or under appreciated for helping turn America and the world  toward normalcy and democracy.

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