Letter to the Editor / THE TRAIL versus THE TRIAL

By Roger C. Kostmayer

The current presidential decision shouldn’t be difficult if the objective is to determine which candidate is better for you, for your family and friends, and for your country.

In the 2024 mano a mano presidential election, it is even easier to compare candidates because the top two combatants for the most powerful job in the world, have each already held that position for roughly 4 years.  All a voter has to do is objectively examine and compare the results, since the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

The top 10 specific areas that should be compared are: National Security (handling or creating danger from foreign and domestic sources); The Economy (jobs, growth, debt, inflation); Infrastructure; Leadership (a foreign and domestic unifier); Women’s Health; Taxes; International Relations;  Bipartisan Achievements;  Immigration;  Oath of Office compliance.

Imagine you are examining two factually accurate resumes while thinking about future challenges that will affect your family (present and future) and your country.  It shouldn’t be difficult to pick the one you would hire because one candidate will mostly be seen on the campaign TRAIL, and the other candidate will mostly be seen nodding off on a chair in one of his TRIALs.

Then, do one more thing.  Ask if the staffs and cabinet officers of each former president would enthusiastically endorse and serve his president again.  If the answer is “no”, ask why-  and then vote.

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