Letter to the Editor / Five months in Paradise

By Ennid Berger

We came in January, thinking we would stay until mid March for our first long-term residence in Key West since my husband‘s retirement. We will be leaving soon on the auto train from Orlando, returning to the unknown of New York.

While we’ve been here it’s been wonderful. Thank you to the people of Key West for staying so sane and social distancing (for the most part). Nothing could be a more beautiful way to start the day than seeing the sky and water shining in the sun at the end of my walk to the White Street Pier. Walking or biking across Key West in the shade of early morning has been a delight. And I’m going to miss a lot of things that have gained importance in this time of isolation – including trips to Faustos, takeout from Oasis, listening to the reassuring live broadcasts of Mayor Teri Johnston, and genuinely enjoying all the people who work here and keep the island beautiful. I feel very grateful and lucky to have spent this time in the Conch Republic.