By Roger C. Kostmayer

After living through the last four years, the last year and the recent dark events, I believe you and I are entitled to delight.

Listening to the radio while walking around our island the other day, I heard part of an interview that discussed “delight”. It caused me to think about what we call “delight” – What is it? What is it that delights me and others? And how we can find it? What Delights us is that which charms, gives us pleasure and elevates us. The best way to describe such a subjective and abstract sensation is to list examples, which I do below, but it’s important for each individual to think about their own special sources of delight spontaneously (and perhaps confidentially) so don’t allow someone else’s list to affect your own. With that caveat, what follows is a stream of consciousness list that I assume might grow and change the more I thought about it. Please assume that each source of delight is prefaced by the word “some”.

Life, Love, Family, Friends, Conversations, Music, Poetry, Books, Art, Food, People, and A Job Well Done. (I think I consider political victories with which I agree to fall into the last category).