By Roger Kostmayer

The Democrats control both the White House and the US Senate.  Constitutionally and normally, this means the President, as head of the executive branch, gets to choose the people who run federal departments and who help implement policies the winning president advocated and for which the American people voted.

Recently, the President nominated an outstanding doctor, Dr. Vivek Murthy, for the position of Surgeon General.  Among other things, the doctor’s background includes experience in the ER where he witnessed the trauma that gun violence causes.  This office deals with medical and public health policies and isn’t considered controversial or political, unless you’re a cigarette manufacturer.

After the Sandy Hook massacre last year, 90% of the American people, and 70% of NRA members, favored gun reforms and, in that vein, Dr. Murthy favored some: gun registration and ownership changes; assault weapon reforms; limits on ammunition sales; and the removal of a ban on any research affecting guns.  For that sin alone (being in step with the American public), and having nothing to do with the nominee’s competence or qualifications, the NRA launched a vicious attack aimed at threatening both Republican and Democratic Senators.  The NRA falsely accuses the doctor nominee of being a “radical,” and it looks as if the NRA has successfully intimidated every Republican Senator except one, and a number of Democratic Senators up for reelection from red states like Alaska, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The final outcome is yet to be determined, but this is outrageous and yet another example of a small, wealthy special interest overruling American voters, common sense and the ability to govern.

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