Woman arrested in BB gun shooting

A 59-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after shooting a woman delivering groceries to the homeless with a BB gun.

Zoe Sparrow of Marathon was charged with aggravated battery.

There were no life-threatening injuries reported.

The Sheriff’s Office was called to the 4500 block of the Overseas Highway in Marathon at approximately 10 a.m. regarding a battery. The 46-year-old victim stated she was delivering food and water to the homeless in the woods nearby when she came into contact with Sparrow who declined the supplies and asked for drugs. The victim told Sparrow she was there to drop off food and water and she didn’t have any drugs. The victim told Sparrow if she wanted drugs she would have to contact someone else.

Sparrow then picked up a BB gun and demanded the victim leave. When the victim did not immediately leave, Sparrow shot her three times in the arm and once in the thigh.

Sparrow admitted to shooting the victim and was taken to jail.

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