Trump held a press conference at his private club in Bedminster, New Jersey saturday. He signed 4 Executive Orders having to do with the stimulus package during the conference. All 4 one way or another gave less to the poor.

There is no question things are especially tough economically these days because of coronavirus. People need more, not less assistance. The need was not reflected in the 4 Orders signed.

The fact that Trump was cheating the poor while trying to make it look like a generous gift on his part bothered me enough. One factor even more.

Trump signed the Executive Orders in front of members of his private club. The membership admission fee is $350,000. They cheered the execution of the Orders.

The stimulus package seems to be taking longer than normal to come to agreement. I blame a member of Trump’s negotiating team. His Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

Meadows a Republican who served first for 7 years as a Congressman from North Carolina. He was one of Trumps’ closest allies while in Congress.

A person’s character is reflected by the way a person lived.

Meadows’ character is wanting. Such I suspect is the primary reason why the stimulus negotiations have failed thus far.

Meadows misrepresented his educational background. He attended Florida State University for one year. Yet he claimed in his official biography maintained by the Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives that he held a BA from the University of South Florida.

He actually graduated from the University of South Florida with an Associate degree.

Meadows was active in the Tea Party movement. Came to Congress the same year many Tea Party persons were first elected.

His voting record less than stellar. Indicates a lacking on his part for the needs and problems of people.

Recall Hurricane Sandy. Devastated the northeast. He was part of the group of Congresspersons that voted against the relief bill.

He was one of the members who made Boehner’s time as Speaker difficult. Meadows’ tried to strip Boehner of his power as Speaker.

As a member of the Oversight Committee, he has been openly confrontational with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Insulting a better description.

He played a public role in the 2013 governmental shutdown.

He was openly opposed to Obama and occasionally insulting. A promoter of the “he should return to Kenya” theme.

A fellow by the name of West worked in his office. Internal complaints were made against West. West was discharged. Nevertheless, Meadows kept him on the payroll to the tune of $58,125. West was paid for not working.

In 2018, Meadows was fined $40,625 for keeping West on staff while not investigating sexual harassment charges against him and for paying West when he was not on the staff and working.

Can fair play be expected from Meadows?

I continue to find it difficult to understand Trump. He surrounds himself with basically bad people. I shouldn’t. They are people who think like him.

America is moving towards becoming a third world country.

The U.S. is on its way to double digit depression. Twenty to thirty percent of small businesses will have been shut down by the end of the Pandemic. Jobs will not return as part of the “new world.”

The result will be 30 million homeless.

America is “under developing.” It is moving from a “developed nation” to an “under developed nation.”

Many Americans have become too freedom conscious. Like I don’t want to wear a mask. They lack concern for their families and fellow citizens.

One of the reasons coronavirus is still with us big time.

Sturgis, South Dakota a perfect example.

Sturgis is into a 10 day bikers rally. “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

Thousands participating. No masks, no social distancing.

These are tough people. men and women alike. They fear not looking death in the face.

One biker said, “I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be cooped up all my life either.”

Go for it man! They should put those words on your tombstone! Merely change both “don’ts” to “didn’t.”

In 3-4 weeks, Sturgis will have a dramatic up swing in coronavirus cases. As will the families and home towns of those bikers participating.

A Key West coronavirus update.

Key West had 41 cases as of June 1 when U.S. 1 was reopened to non-residents. Today, 716.

An example of how swiftly the virus moves. An example of how rapidly Sturgis and the families and hometowns of the bikers will experience a dramatic increase.

Great PGA Tournament. A new star was born. Collin Morikawa. Only 23.

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholson were 23 when they first won the PGA also.

Morikawa has a great life ahead.

His PGA winnings $1.98 million. He will also receive endorsements in the next few weeks totaling in the millions.

God bless!

He only became a professional last year. He had 2 victories before the PGA.

A major not a bad place to play. Second place payed $968,000.

Enjoy your day!