Continued Protection During Pandemic

The City of Key West is complying with Executive Order 20-244 under the statewide opening rules set forth by Governor Ron DeSantis, while keeping in place the safety measures that have been implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the residents and visitors of the City.

All individuals over the age of six who are physically located within the City must wear a face covering at all times when they are away from their residence with certain exceptions. All businesses must ensure masks are always worn by employees and the public. A copy of Emergency Ordinance 20-14 may be found here:

Per the Governor’s Order suspending the collection of all fines and penalties applied to individuals for violating the City’s COVID-19 public health ordinances and directives, the City of Key West will continue to issue civil citations for individuals not wearing masks and will process fines and penalties upon the lifting of the Governor’s Order. Any fines and penalties assessed against businesses will continue to be enforced and collected.

As the holiday season approaches and given the recent increase in positive reported cases of COVID-19 within the City of Key West, it is important that we continue our efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by hand-washing, social distancing and wearing our masks. The City reminds the community that the consistent usage of masks and other facial coverings will help the City avoid future business closures and is a more cost-effective means of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.