By KONK Life News Staff


How do police officers know whether there’s a warrant out on the guy on the corner? Why is Old Town considered an historic treasure? Where do tax dollars actually go once you’ve paid them? The answers are just some of the knowledge gained by being a Key West Ambassador.


Registration for Class 22 of the Key West Ambassadors Academy begins on Tuesday, Dec.10. Applications are posted on the city’s web site at, or you can call Alyson Crean at 809-1058. Space is limited.


The weekly classes begin on Jan. 9 and wrap up on April 10. The class meets every Thursday from 1 4 p.m., usually at the Eco Discovery Center at the Truman Waterfront. There are many field trips involved in the sessions as well.


The Ambassador program first convened in 2003. Originally sponsored by the city manager, volunteer ambassadors now help coordinate the 14-week program. During the weekly sessions, representatives of various city departments meet with the group to give an in-depth understanding of the workings of city government.


The list of graduates of the programs looks like a who’s who of Key West that includes city and county commissioners, CEOs and directors of several not-for-profit organizations. The Ambassador program works under the concept that an educated citizenry is the bedrock of a well functioning democracy.