Bravo Nights Commended

Officers Cameron Ua, Samuel Adorno, Elam Thornbrugh, and Kristopher Bouvier; Sgt. Alex Rodriguez; Officers Ivan Golovanov and Jorge Mayorga-Lopez; and Deputy Chief Randy Smith.

During a recent awards ceremony at City Hall, Deputy Chief Randy Smith presented a Chief’s Commendation to the members of Key West Police Bravo Night Watch.

On October 1, 2023, officers from the Bravo Night Watch responded to Regal Cinemas in response to a reported stabbing. Dispatch reported that the victim was transported via private vehicle to Lower Keys Medical Center. Two officers responded to the hospital to gather information, garner an update on the patient’s status, conduct interviews, and secure the transport vehicle.

Other officers on scene at Regal Cinemas stopped a man that later turned out to be the suspect, secured a perimeter, and ensured the crime scene was undisturbed for later processing by the Criminal Investigations Unit.

During the time of this incident, two other officers handled the remaining and further incoming calls for the rest of the city, and later handled a sexual battery investigation as well.

“The quick and efficient work of the officers enhanced the detectives’ ability to gather and collect evidence,” said Smith. “With their quick control of the situation, detectives were able to conduct interviews, secure search warrants, and arrest the suspect. These officers’ dedication and devotion to duty are most heartily commended and are in keeping with the core values of the Key West Police Department.”

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