Two men arrested on drug charges

Two men were arrested Saturday following a traffic stop in which cocaine and marijuana were found.

Fernando Raul Roman-Gonzalez, 37, of Tampa, Florida and Alberto Luis Roman-Gonzalez, 40, of Detroit, Michigan, were both charged with cocaine trafficking, possession of marijuana and evidence tampering.

The incident began at approximately 1:04 p.m. when callers reported a Saturn car was driving recklessly southbound on U.S. 1 near Mile Marker 27.

Sgt. David Fernandez attempted to stop the car, but the car would not stop. It slowed to speeds of 35 mph in a 45 mph zone and had its right turn signal on, but continued southbound.

Sgt. Fernandez saw a plastic bag thrown from the passenger side of the car.

The car finally stopped near Mile Marker 8.

Both men were placed in custody. Alberto Luis Roman-Gonzalez stated he was on probation for cocaine possession.

Deputy Freddy Rodriguez located the bag thrown from the car, which contained bags of cocaine and marijuana.

In total: 2.6 ounces of cocaine and 1.6 ounces of marijuana were found.

Both men were taken to jail.

Woman charged with aggravated battery

A Windsor, Connecticut woman wielding a knife was arrested Sunday after threatening to kill a man.

Chelsea Joy Bartley was charged with aggravated battery and battery.

The incident began at approximately 11:30 p.m. Sunday when the Sheriff’s Office was called to the 103000 block of the Overseas Highway.

Deputy Oscar Dominguez observed Bartley trying to pry open an office front door. He detained her due to her erratic behavior.

Deputy Dominguez observed a chair blocking the door and blood drops on the floor near the door.

The victim was inside and stated he and Bartley had an argument when Bartley grabbed a hunting knife and jumped on the victim, preventing him from moving.

Bartley then stated she was going to stab and kill the victim.

The victim was able to wrestle Bartley away and push her outside whereupon he locked the front door and called 911.

Bartley was taken to jail.

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