Soon to be released photo-book “Isolated Island – The Key West COVID-19 Spring of 2020” captures unprecedented moment in time

The Key West COVID-19 Spring of 2020” pictures Key West Community Service workers covering the Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S. landmark with blue tarp on Tuesday, March 17, a temporary action taken to discourage gatherings of greater than 10 people. Copies of the numbered, limited edition photo-book are available now at a special pre-order price of $49.00. Beginning on November 1, the price will be $74.99. (Photo Carol Tedesco)

While the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis may seem like a distorted dream now, a soon to be released 352 page photo-book, titled “Isolated Island – The Key West COVID-19 Spring of 2020,” will bring that unprecedented moment in time back into sharp focus through a collection of remarkable images shot by more than 25 area photographers.

“Isolated Island” is the brainchild of Key West-based businesswoman and photographer Roberta DePiero, who, during the early pandemic days, had gotten into the habit of a daily bike ride, taking a camera along to grab photo ops as they arose. She soon noticed that other photographers were doing the same and the idea of a group photo-book fund-raising project began to percolate.

DePiero tapped local photographer and publicist Carol Tedesco to collaborate, and in mid-June the two began reaching out to fellow photographers, inviting them to share images taken during the COVID-19 Spring, which DePiero and Tedesco defined as beginning March 1, when Florida’s first COVID-19 cases were announced, though June 1, the day after the Florida Keys quarantine checkpoint initiated on March 27 was dismantled.

In describing the “COVID-19 Spring” in the book’s foreword, arts advocate Rosi Ware writes, “Many of us exalted in the newfound peace and clear blue waters, the cacophony of bird song and masses of butterflies, whilst others worried about putting food on the table and paying the rent.” And putting food on the table and paying the rent is where Sister Season Fund, Inc., comes in.

“The participating photographers selected Sister Season as the project beneficiary, and the Fund’s board has been fabulously keen on making the most of its potential to provide relief for those in the community they serve,” DePiero said. “Everyone involved is donating their time and talents, so all funds raised above the printing cost will support their mission to prevent homelessness and provide assistance for Key West tourist industry workers, a mission that is especially crucial now due to the impact of COVID-19.”

Printed locally by Key West Printing, contributing photographers are Liz Acar, Peter Arnow, Susan

During the first weeks of the COVID-19 crisis, toilet paper took on the rarity and allure of gold. A photo by contributing photographer Corey Malcom reveals grocery store shelves devoid of the product at the end of March. (Photo Corey Malcom)

Bailey, Michael Blades, Lynne Bentley-Kemp, Joe and Ozlem Berg, Larry Blackburn, Kyle Campbell, Jeffrey Cardenas, Alyson Crean, Roberta DePiero, Ralph DePalma, Heather D. Dow, Todd Andrew Feit, Tony Gregory, C.J. Groth, Jay W. Hall, Mark Hedden, Martha Hubbard, Bill Klipp, Linda Klipp, Corey Malcom, Andy Newman, Rob O’Neal, Steve Panariello, Carol Tedesco, and Sharon Wells, with design and layout by Egad Inc. Graphic Art & Design, and text editing by Kathy Russ.

Seeded by a $1000.00 Awesome Foundation Key West grant and private and public donations, those wishing to contribute towards the cost of printing this numbered, limited edition collectors item can do so now at, where book orders can now be placed. Those ordering by October 31 can take advantage of a pre-print special of $49.00 per book. Beginning on November 1, the price will be $74.99.

Books are expected to be available for pick-up, delivery or shipping on November 1 or shortly thereafter, with pick-up locations to be announced. Sister Season Fund will alert all buyers when the books are available for pick-up or delivery.

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