Priscilla Coote Island Dream 

By Nance Frank

Priscilla Coote opens her much-anticipated show this year, Island Dreamon February 22. It is a journey to the imagination for some, and for others lucky enough, a journey to those places evocative of actual locations they have visited.

Her paintings dive yet deeper into the water that surrounds us, exploring the flash of light and the nuances of reflection that we find there. There, at the interface of sea, sand and sky, the eye can linger with delight upon the motion of a wave and the patterns it weaves across the sea floor; the colors revealed by brilliant tropic light; and the play of clouds across blue skies.

Priscilla’s work contains these elements and more, but is not about the actual elements. They are merely visual cues which she skillfully combines in her larger pieces in order to create an overall effect, rather than a focus upon a particular object. To look at her painting is to be transported to that place that resonates, and stirs memories and dreams from within. Through her years of study on and in the water, she is able to translate a moment of time into an image you will remember forever.

Priscilla’s work has continued to garner awards and accolades over the past year since her previous show, (which has sold out except for a few small pieces). Alongside the top plein air painters on the nation, she took major awards in one national and one international event this summer. She has been juried into an elite outdoor painting event taking place in March and featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. Her work has been selected for two major exhibitions, most notably the American Society of Marine Artists’ 18th National, scheduled to travel to five museums around the country over the next two years.

Recent exhibitions have included Channel Islands Museum, CA;  Visual Arts Center’s Biennial; Coos Bay, WA Museum; and Mystic Maritime Museum. She is represented by galleries in Key West, Naples, West Palm Beach, Nantucket, Maine, Williamsburg and Nantes, France. Priscilla has recently been featured in Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur and Sail magazines, and has had paintings shown on Netflix’ Bloodline and HGTV’s Island Hunters. She is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists.