Letter to the Key West City Mayor & Commissioners

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

At the August 17 special meeting several commissioners complained about citizen comments regarding the Cruise Ship issue, believing them to be too critical and “inappropriate”.  I believe I am one of the guilty ones and I apologize if I offended any of you.
In a democracy and a civil society, what I believe to be both appropriate and desirable is Citizens who speak truth to power verbally, in writing and with their ballot.  And here’s what I believe is inappropriate:  Unelected staff who fail to openly, honestly and effectively serve the public interest by good faith support of commissioners’ decisions and instructions.
The citizens of KW are capable of recognizing inappropriate bureaucratic stalling and attempts to sabotage policies with which an employee disagrees – and it is your responsibility as commissioners, and our responsibility as citizens, to hold that person accountable.
Respectfully,  Roger Kostmayer
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