Letter to the Editor / WHICH RIGHT IS RIGHT?

By Roger C. Kostmayer

Individuals and communities have rights and responsibilities.  We each have the precious right of free speech, for example, but we can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater because that could deny the audience’s right to life and safety.

Florida Governor DeSantis claims he’s enforcing parents’ right to refuse to have their children wear life saving anti-Covid masks at school (though, in reality, it’s appears to be a partisan political ploy to get reelected and become a Presidential candidate).  The Governor either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that the right of citizens and children to stay alive and healthy trumps someone’s right to refuse to wear a mask.

The ACLU just announced it is filing a “no mask” suit in South Carolina to prevent children with compromised health from being denied a safe and equal education.  There are also other law suits pending that would help resolve this conflict of rights. But, in the meantime, cities and counties across the nation must resist bullying, must follow the science and must do the right things to protect their communities.

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