“We are a part of history.” Words shouted by John Earl Sullivan from inside the Capitol January 6. Sullivan the 26 year old black founder of Insurgence USA. A social justice group set up to protest police authority in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Sullivan first helped others scale the outside wall to the second floor. Exclaiming as he did, “Let’s burn this shit down.”

Then inside, “That’s what I’m sayin’, break that shit.”

Finally, “We accomplished this shit. We did this together. Fuck, yeah! We are all a part of history.”

Another who “gained” fame is John Francis Stager from Arkansas. His picture all over the media. The insurgent who was running around carrying a large American flag who beat a Metropolitan police officer with the flagpole. The officer was guarding the entrance to the Capitol.

The mob stormed the building, grabbed the officer, dragged him down a flight of stairs, and forced him into a “prone position.” He “remained prone on the steps” as Stager and friends “forcibly and repeatedly” beat him on his head and body with “various objects.”

Stager shouting during the beating: “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor. Death is the only remedy for what’s in that building.”

Then there is Alabama’s Joshua Blod. He said, “The spirit of God wanted him to storm the Senate.” Also the following confluted statement” “Plead the blood of Jesus over it.”

Blod claimed, “They stole my country.” He said afterwards, The crowd went crazy when they “found out Pence turned on us and they had stolen the election like officially.”

The proceeding examples of the extreme nuts the U.S. has bred in past years.

As the days pass, it is becoming increasingly clear that certain lawmakers may have conspired with the Capitol attackers in placing legitimate Congressional persons and their staffs in legal peril. The conspiring having taken place the day before the attack.

If true, they should be sought out and charged with the most serious seditious crimes carrying the longest sentences. Benedict Arnolds one and all.

Trump’s reputation has dropped swiftly the past 2 weeks. He is toxic and no one wants to be close to him in any fashion.

Many companies have withdrawn their support. Many prominent persons who previously supported Trump, also.

Ariel Pink, the Indie rock artist, is one who now suffers because of his past support of Trump.

Ariel was on the Tucker Carlson show. Sorrowfully complaining. His label has dropped him. He told Carlson his support of Trump now “leaves me destitute and on the street.” He claims he has been “stripped of his livelihood…..People are so mean.”

Substantiation once again of the Biblical words: “As ye sow so shall ye reap.” In today’s words: “If you go to bed with a dog, you wake with fleas.”

It was announced yesterday that Trump and his entourage will leave Washington the morning of January 20 on Air Force One. Trump heading for his new home at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s toxicity and actions over the years have left many Mar-a-Lago neighbors unhappy with Trump. They do not want him as a neighbor. Palm Beach County is looking for a way to end Trump’s agreement in 1993 giving permission to run a business at Mar-a-Lago. The agreement does not provide for Trump or anyone else to live there.

Every nation having a problem with coronavirus has the elderly listed near the top of the priority list to receive shots first. Except, one. Indonesia.

The elderly are at or near the bottom of the list. Vaccines are being reserved for those under 60. Considered “young” by Indonesian standards.

Two reasons therefore. Indonesians claim there is a lack of research as to how the vaccine will affect older recipients. They believe vaccinating the young first is the best way to dampen widespread transmission of the virus. Younger persons are the largest group spreading the virus.

Two years ago, a tiki hut vessel appeared on Key West waters. A boat. Merely a tiki hut with a small bar beneath it. A good way to enjoy a drink by day and to view the sunset in the evening.

Someone stole the Tiki Hut boat. Twenty four hours later the thief was arrested. Stone drunk!

He is Tyln Earl Morlang, a 36 year old from Missouri.

He apparently spent the night on the boat. Whether he got drunk while on or before not known yet. Could be while on. It was a cold evening. He might have consumed a few bottles of alcohol to keep warm.

He did try to start a fire to keep warm. A series of small fires. One in a coconut, others in plastic cups. None took sufficiently to remain ongoing for very long.

He’s lucky he did not burn the Tiki Hut and kill himself during his night long cruise.

This day in 2009 a happy and proud one. For all concerned.

I am sure you recall.

U.S. Airways Captain Chesley “Suny” Stullenberger was flying an Airbus 320. The plane hit a flock of birds just after take off. Both engines were disabled.

Sully accomplished the impossible. He landed the plane on the Hudson River. All 155 persons on board were saved.

Enjoy your day!