Key West Lou / MORNING STEW #148

No one can say there is no news fit to print. Trump alone is overwhelming. Coronavirus a close second. I am compelled to do a Morning Stew this morning because there is so much. Morning Stew #148.

I share with you that which is important, unusual, etc. in the order such appear in my notes. No organization.

Something is wrong in Denmark! Actually, Tallahassee.

I speak only as to the Keys. I and many others living with the problem.

Many are not able to get the coronvirus vaccine. Including me.

I qualify near the top being 85 with underlying conditions. I have not even been able to talk to someone in authority to arrange an appointment. The rules locally you must have an appointment.

I telephoned the Health Department 4 days in a row at the end of last week to make an appointment. Four times each day. Each time, except for the last day, the message was the box was full and could not accept calls. Finally, I scored over the weekend. The message now was do not call us for an appointment, we’re out of vaccine. Go to the County website.

I went to the page directed. All I could find was a small note at the top saying don’t call, we have no vaccine.

In the meantime, two things happened that upset me. First, non residents are and have already received the shot here in Key West. Someone at a higher level than Key West has to have made the decision.

The other appeared in Keys’ Voice this morning. A man’s father walked into the Health Department and was taken care of immediately. No appointment. We were told an appointment was required.

No one seems to play by the rules.

The Lower Keys Medical Center still needs 100 additional doses to complete vaccinations at their facility.

The County Health Department said in this morning’s paper that it has no more vaccine and hopefully will have more by the end of next week.

Trump told us 3 months ago distribution was no problem. He had a General who took care of these things. Everything would run smoothly. Typical of Trump, it has not.

A vandal/hater is in the Keys painting swastikas on buildings, etc. Two last week near Key West on a front door and sign. More up the Keys.

The bad guy is pictured on a webcam. Only problem is his face is almost totally covered. The police however are hoping someone still may identify him.

I guess sick people will always be with us. The kind that torture dogs and cats.

A manatee’s body was mutilated. Someone cut the name “Trump” in large letter on the manatee’s back. The injured manatee was discovered sunday 75 miles north of Tampa Bay.

A manatee is huge. Gentle, however. Several times I have petted one.

We live in a sick society.

Vanity Fair recently published an article that Ivanka Trump is planning to run for President in 2024. She may be a very pleasant person. However, she and her family are toxic. The poison will stick with all of them the rest of their lives.

When something of a serious criminal nature attaches to an individual, he no longer has friends. You would be surprised how swiftly they disappear.

Trump’s “friends” who he needs desperately are the banks. They are walking away from him. Already Deutsche and Signature. Trump has $300 million he owes Deutsche. How will he pay it back?

Deutsche has been in big trouble recently for money laundering. Donald, too? It will all come out over the next year.

Trump will also lose income at his many properties. His famous hotel in Washington, D.C. will no longer be packed with persons seeking favors from the Trump administration. His greatest asset, his name, will be of no value.

When you’re out, you’re out.

Various police authorities are working diligently to identify and arrest those involved with January 6. Even to the affluent financiers who provided money to various hate groups.

The Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney advises he has 170 files opened against individuals who potentially committed cries. The Department of Justice has opened 75 cases.

Both advise that they have only just begun. There will be many more persons identified and prosecuted.

An impeachment vote is schedule’s for this afternoon in the House of Representatives. It will pass. Donald will have the distinction of being the only President to have been twice impeached.

The U.S. was once a white America. Over the years, persons of color have increased in the U.S. Those of color will soon have numbers in excess of the whites.

Republicans represent white America. Their numbers mostly made up of whites. Democrats on the other hand cannot even say half their number are whites. Actually, less than. The Democratic Party is primarily composed of persons of color and other minorities.

The Republicans can’t win. They know it. The numbers in the last 20 years prove it. Consistently upward for persons of color.

Hitler had his bunker in the last days of Berlin. Trump had his bunker wednesday January 6.

Next door to the Oval Office is the President’s private dining room.

Trump earlier in the day had told the thousands at the rally he would be there with them when they attacked the Capitol.

He was not.

He was in the private dining room described watching what was going on at the Capitol through a window, trying to reach on the phone Senators to convince them to vote against acceptance of the State certifications, and eating hamburgers and drinking cans of Coca Cola. In between yelling that he had won the election. A group of supporters were around him. His consiglieres.

Trump initially was happy with the disturbance. These were “his people.” Until Trump saw the big guy with horns and a bare chest. The horned man upset Trump. He described the man as “white trash” and one who was making his people look bad. He was angry.

Slowly and unknowingly to Trump, most of his consiglieres left. At the end, the usual ones were there. Giuliani, Meadows, Miller and Cipillone.

Picture it. Sort of like when Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Trump eating his burgers and drinking Coke.

Biden announced a week ago that his coronavirus plan was to lower the age to 65, release all the doses now, and he would make sure there were enough doses available and distributed for second shots.

Trump announced 2 days ago Biden’s plan. He announced it as if it were his idea.

It ws announced 2 days ago that Representatives, Senators, and their staffs could wear bullet proof vests. At no cost to themselves. They would be paid out of each representative’s already allocated budgets for their offices.

It was announced recently that 2.4 million Americans died in the first 10 days of the new year from coronavirus. We’re literally getting killed.

It was also reported through a different source that vaccines were being thrown out. They had spoiled because the cold storage units holding them in hospitals and medical offices were not sufficiently cold.

And here am you and I who cannot get a shot.

It was reported this morning on Morning Joe that masks are the order of the day in Congress beginning today. Everyone must wear a mask. First time without, the fine is $500. Second time, $2,500.

What happens to Trump when he is out of the White House?

The following will occur whether he is impeached or not. It will be his time to pay the fiddler. His business empire will crumble, he won’t be able to borrow the money he needs, no one will be his friend.

And, Trump will have no one to blame but himself. He did himself in!

Enjoy your day!