President John Kennedy died 58 years ago yesterday.

Kennedy brought a new feeling of exhilaration and excitement to the nation with his election. He was young. Handsome. His wife Jacqueline beautiful. Much of his staff equally young.

There was a vibrancy in Washington which made its way throughout the country. The U.S. was transformed.

His children contributed to the emotion. Caroline and John young children. Photos of them playing in the Oval Office while the President was working common place.

Communism was a major fear at the time. Khrushchev was testing the new and young President. The Cuban Missile crisis was a nose to nose confrontation.

Warships of the U.S. and Russia facing each other in the waters between the U.S. and Cuba. The fear war was inevitable.

Kennedy stood his ground. Khrushchev blinked first.

A major victory for Kennedy against a major foe.

The country felt like it was moving. New bright ideas in leadership.

I am not aware of such a feeling prior to Kennedy’s time nor since.

Kennedy died, the excitement died.

Camelot was no more.

The U.S. is divided. The division reflective in the Rittenhouse result.

Far right conservatives look at it one way. Liberals another.

Rittenhouse was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on FOX News last night. Tucker referred to Rittenhouse as a “sweet kid…..bright, honest, sincere, dutiful and hard working – exactly the kind of person you’d want many more of in your country.”

Whoopi Goldberg saw it another way on the View: Kyle Rittenhouse committed murder despite his aquittal.

An update re the Waukesha Christmas Parade disaster. The driver of the SUV has been charged with homicide in the killing of 5 persons.

Strange people a growing factor in U.S. society. The latest weirdos involve Elijah Lewis.

Elijah 5 years old. A New Hampshire resident. He was discovered dead. An autopsy was performed. Cause of death determined to be violence and neglect, including facial and scalp injuries, acute fentanyl intoxication, malnourishment and pressure ulcers.

He was reported missing on October 14. State police aided by a cadaver dog discovered Elijah’s body in a makeshift grave in the woods in Arlington, Massachusetts a little over a week later on October 23.

The boy’s mother and her boy friend are being held without bail.

Can anything be sicker than what happened to Elijah?

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Enjoy your day!

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