Key West Lou / JUDAS ON FOX

Joe Manchin’s appearance on FOX yesterday clearly identified who he is: Judas. His FOX appearance solidified the type of person he is.

Judas was not the only thought that came to mind. It was Manchin’s Gethsemane. The poor man suffered so much as he explained his position.

Manchin’s “suffering” should not have been for himself. Rather the American people who he denied of a political package that would have made American lives dramatically better.

The time has come for a change in the COMMENTS portion of this blog. It has been coming for quite a while.

Effective immediately all Comments will require the name and e-mail address of the sender. Anonymous does not work anymore. Too many off handed, disgusting, personal attacks. Not on me so much. But on each other. Not by all Commenters, but the few toilet tongued.

The COVID shots turned out to be not as effective as we thought. The vaccines not yet a cure all. However, better than nothing. Note that the present surge has more people remaining at home to recover and its impact significantly less than before the vaccines.

Christmas will not be as thought. The omicron surge has people running to be tested. Properly so. Many planned large family get togethers. Many will be cancelled because of the new COVID fear.

Caution is the rule for the Christmas holiday.

The fight to survive continues. New York and Massachusetts are two states where the virus has or is on the verge of becoming overwhelming.

New York’s Mayor De Blasio is still Mayor. His term does not end till December 31. Blasio announced yesterday that “New York needs help now.”

Massachusetts is in the midst of the surge. Massachusetts epidemiologists are concerned with the timing of Biden’s address to the nation tuesday concerning the surge. A group announced yesterday that “Tuesday is too late.”

It’s that bad!

My stay at home joy yesterday was the final round of the PNC Championship.

My primary interest were Tiger and his 12 year old son Charlie. The father an established star. His son giving every evidence of being his Dad some day. In many respects, already. The kid can hit, putt and has a good iron game. On occasion, he saved a bad shot by his father.

Tiger is on his way back. Will he totally make it? Don’t know. He was very good. He and Charlie came in second, 2 strokes behind John Daly and his son. However, he rode rather than walk. His right leg difficulty was obvious on occasion. Recall 10 months ago, doctors were considering an amputation.

New York Times sports writer Kurt Streeter described Charlie in his column published last night. Charlie is “Tiger’s mini-me.”

John Daly can still hit the ball. He and his son John won the tournament.

Daly calls his son Little John.

Little John is 18 and a freshman at Arizona University.

He played like a pro. Did it all, including dropping some very long putts.

He wants to be a pro golfer. Finishing college first. A smart kid.

My hand is still killing me. Even sleep difficult. I hope the pill works. Today is only the third day I will have taken it.

Enjoy your day!

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