Love Christmas!

Did some past Christmases remembered last night on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Christmas Eve dinner, the seven fishes, the big people’s table, the way to the big table, the years involved, watching my father and mother grow old, etc. A pure family evening.

I am going to open this morning with Christmas Eve at my Utica home before dinner. Grew to 20-30 people.The number depended what year. Dinner first began with my wife, 4 small children and my parents. Over the years it grew as my four children married and their spouses joined us. Then came the grandchildren..

I was a soft touch for the holiday. Santa Claus always visited prior to dinner. On his sleigh of course drawn by his reindeer.

My children and grandchildren were believers. Santa Claus knew them intimately. Only used 2 Santas over the years.

The dining room to our home was huge. A large old house built in 1922. The rooms expansive. Ceilings 10 feet.

The dining room especially large. Huge table seating 12 comfortably. Fourteen a little tight.

One wall was was a bay window. The whole wall. It overlooked the backyard. All kinds of trees and shrubs galore. All strewn with bright colored lights.

The young kids would wait at the window looking out for Santa Claus to arrive. His sleigh was always to land on the pool. However each year he was not able to do so because the pool was not iced up enough. He would land up the road on a flat hard piece of ground and walk in.

It was grandchildren time.

Sara was my son John’s oldest. All of 6 or 7.

All of a sudden Sara shouted, “I see him! It’s Santa Claus!” The rest of the children began yelling, “I see him, too!

They were all looking at the sky and believed they had seen Santa pass over as he flew in.

The innocence and beauty of youth.

Those days are gone. Just as the seven fish meal. Each family as it develops creates their own holiday and tradition.

A cold wave must have moved in last night. The night temperature was in the high 60’s. Tonight predicted to be 64. Heat time!

Trump announced he is having a rally on January 6 to explain it was not a coup attempt. I am sure he will utter many lies.

It is shameful Trump selects one of the worse days in American history to return and swirl his pot of tripe. Actually, he is trying to whitewash his involvement. He senses the noose getting tighter as to his knowledge, participation, his cohorts, etc.

January 6 does not belong to him. It belongs to the American people. It will be the same as if the Japanese had returned on December 7, 1942 to explain they had not intended to attack Pearl Harbor, it was a mistake.

Massachusetts continues to be buried by the surge.

Boston has banned the unvaccinated from bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and sport arenas.

Boston Mayor Wu made the announcement yesterday. As she was making the announcement, a group of protesters flowed in shouting “USA, USA!”

Every indication throughout the country clearly indicates the surge is greatest where there are many unvaccinated. It is primarily the unvaccinated who are getting sick and requiring hospitalization. Overwhelming hospital beds and medical staff.

There is still only one set of simple rules to follow to avoid the surges: Get 2 shots initially and then the booster shot, wear a mask indoors and outdoors, and avoid large gatherings.

Fail to do so and many will continue to get sick, some dying.

Why can’t the know it alls understand this? Such obstinacy, such stupidity.

My Key West Christmas Eves are at Lisa’s. Spoke with her yesterday re who was going to be there.

Lisa, Corey, Robert and Ally. Her in laws from Cape Coral. Corey’s son Cameron and girl friend who live in Washington, D.C., and Cameron’s mother Myra who lives in Big Pine.

As I feared. Too many people from too many places. Who would know if anyone carried the virus with them. Lisa explained all had the booster shot. She further explained they all planned on testing in the morning to see if anyone was affected.

I apologized and said again I would not be there. I am 86 and fearful I might contract COVID. I further made her aware of the 3-4 times a week I am getting severe chest pains. Doctor says don’t worry. They are on the left side. Heart attacks have pain are on the right.

I worry.

In addition, I continue to have this painful 4 trigger fingers on my right hand. Doctor said he never saw a person with 4 trigger fingers on one hand.

Makes me worry even more.

Lisa understood. She’ll send a dish of her holiday cooking to me on Christmas Day.

Stay safe.

Enjoy your day!

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