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We have switched to a new delivery system for the Daily Blast that requires your registration to continue receiving the Blast.

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For the past 30 days, all of us have experienced a virtual lock-down. It has affected every single one of us in the Florida Keys, our nation and the world. First, we at KONK Life wish everyone to be safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.


As a local newspaper, we have had to stop printing our weekly paper because of the lock-down. However, that has not kept us from delivering the news and information that you have come to rely on. For almost 4 years now our email Blast readers have learned that KONK Life delivers the top news and stories from Key West, Monroe County, Florida and the nation. We’re able to deliver additional out of county news through our affiliation with the Associated Press. We look forward to continuing to provide our readers with this valuable service for years to come.


Since the inception of the Blast, over 15,000 readers have subscribed. They read the Blast every day of the year. We developed the first local email blast and believe we have the largest subscription-base of all the local news organizations. But now we need more than readers. We need our readers to help support us in delivering the news and information you have come to depend on.


Beginning tomorrow, April 22, KONK Life is rolling out a new registration and subscription service. By simply registering you will have free access to 10 news stories every month. After you’ve reached your monthly limit, you will be invited to subscribe to KONK Life. initially, we are offering 2 levels of subscription. The first is an automatically recurring charge of $9 per month. Alternatively, you may purchase an annual subscription at a low introductory price of $59 per year. That’s less than $5 per month to have full access to our valuable local news and information and is more than 40% below the monthly rate.


Speaking for myself and our writers, photographers, graphic artists, office, and sales staff, we all hope you see the value KONK Life provides our community and will consider becoming a paid subscriber to our local newspaper. I thank you in advance for being a loyal reader of KONK Life.


Guy deBoer

KONK Life Publisher

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