Two livaboards arrested in generator theft 

Two Boca Chica Basin liveaboards were arrested Friday night for stealing a generator from another boat anchored near them. 

Omar Hernandez, 34, and Yeneisi Rocamora, 26, were both charged with grand theft and burglary of an occupied dwelling.

The victim told Detective Ken Fricke that he was sleeping when he awoke at 5:40 a.m. Thursday due to his fan or A/C not working. He started he figured his Yamaha generator had run out of gas so he went out to refill it when he saw Hernandez and Rocamora — whom he knows as they live on a nearby boat —leaving his boat with his generator. He yelled for them to stop, jumped in his dinghy and gave chase, however, the suspects’ boat was faster. He stated he lost sight of the suspects behind the Hideaway trailer park on Stock Island.

Detectives Ken Fricke and Boyd Williams as well as a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer then went to the suspects’ boat.

The victim identified Hernandez and Rocamora as the people on his boat.

Hernandez and Rocamora were taken to jail.

Detectives are still looking for the generator.

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