Transit Worker Appreciation Week

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston and the City Commission have proclaimed the week of March 13th as Transit Worker Appreciation Week.

According to history, first day of scheduled public transit bus service for Blaise Pascal’s “Five-Penny Coaches” occurred on March 18, 1662 in Paris. Locally, Eduardo Hidalgo Gato introduced a mule powered streetcar system to connect “Gatoville” to the downtown Key West area in the 1880s.

The proclamation notes that transit team members start their days before the sun rises and finish them long after the sun is set, including working weekends and on or around holidays.

“In addition to meeting stringent safety requirements,” it reads, “transit team members must demonstrate customer service, patience, empathy, and understanding to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all community members and visitors.

“Transit team members work hard each day to help customers access jobs, health care, school, community services, and many other personal, social, and civic opportunities all with a smile.”

Transit Grants Manager and Support Worker of the Year Carolyn Haia accepted the award on behalf of all of the transit workers.

“Ride transit!” she said.

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