Short Answers

By Jeff Johnson and Paula Forman


Dear Short Answers:
The house next door is for sale and my wife and I are very concerned that we get the right family — quiet with no little kids. The last family had two little terrors who started playing outside (weather permitting) at the crack of dawn every Saturday and Sunday. My wife wants me to talk to the real estate agent and let us speak to any prospective buyers to lay out the ground rules. I’m not comfortable doing this but I also want a nice, quiet family to live next door. What do you think is the best way to handle this?
Choosy Neighbors

Dear Choosy:
We think the only way to choose your neighbors is to buy the house yourself. You have absolutely no grounds to talk to the broker or prospects! You are WAY out of line should you decide to do so.


Dear Short Answers:
After a year, my book is now out and I recently sent it to someone I was involved with when writing it, who had wanted a copy. It doesn’t seem that he plans on acknowledging it and it is tough to take. How do I deal with these negative feelings?

Dear Writer:
We’ve been there. After the monumental effort involved in writing and publishing a book, it’s tough to handle a less than enthusiastic response from someone who was close to you. However, our experience is that NO ONE is EVER quite enthusiastic enough. Writing a book is a personal journey — from beginning to end. Lack of recognition is part of the process for most of us. Sorry.


Dear Short Answers:
I have a dog that is diabetic and on a very strict diet. Between special food and insulin injections, he is doing pretty good. The problem is well-meaning dog-lovers who insist on “sneaking” him a treat. There are shop owners who have treats behind their counters. The other dog owners in the dog park carry treats in their purses. I’m happy that people love dogs but giving my dog a treat is no different than giving a diabetic child a candy bar. Half the time, the treat is in my dog’s mouth before I can even yell “stop!” I can’t keep my dog locked in the house. What do I do?

Dear Dado:
How about a tee-shirt that says” don’t feed me” — after a week or two your point will be made.


Dear Short Answers:
I am not a feminist but I am a modern woman and feel that I have to think of my future as if I was alone. Is this necessarily dangerous for a relationship?
Planning Solo

Dear Solo:
We are feminists, and we think if you don’t plan for yourself, you are a fool. And if you plan only for yourself, you are also a fool.

Life is complicated.  Short Answers isn’t.

Send a question about whatever is bothering you to or go to and a psychologist and sociologist will answer.  A selection of the best questions will be printed every week in KonkLife.

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