RESCUE TAILS / Lucas and Marcus

By Tammy Fox, Executive Director, Florida Keys SPCA


When two dogs come into the shelter together, it presents a dilemma.Should we try to place them together, or can we separate and adoptin dividually? Sometimes it’s obvious two dogs need to stay together,especially when they have been lifelong friends.  Other times,dogs can benefit from a life apart, allowing each a more independent life. Every dog is different and we try to figure out what’s kindest and most humane. (If only we could ask them what they would prefer!)

 Lucas and Marcus were two young dogs brought to us when their people moved.Of course, at first they were afraid. We set them up together because it was obvious they relied on each other for comfort. Clearly, they had not been apart before, judging by the desperate screams and screeches when separated even for a few minutes. We hoped someone might come along who was looking for two dogs. As time passed, we realized we should begin the separation process. The first step placed Lucas and Marcus in side-by-side kennels, with time together every day in the play yards. Over time, they made new friendships with other dogs, becoming less attached to one another, and so we began taking applications on each dog.

Fortunately both dogs got adopted at about the same time, making it emotionally easier on them AND on us.  Marcus went to a very kind family who were grieving their little dog who had recently passed. They were concerned about how he would do without Lucas and wanted what was in his best interest, but were also excited and eager to have another dog join their family. Lucas was adopted by a great guy who was looking for a companion, not only at home but who could also join him at work.

Within a few days, Lucas was settling in. Updates and pictures showed us a happy dog. Marcus on the other hand, was having a harder time. His adopter was concerned because he wasn’t eating and “just didn’t seem happy” After several conversations, it was decided that he should come back to the shelter. This adopter’s compassion,sensitivity, and generosity towards Marcus was impressive. Though her family loved him and were already attached to him, her primary concern was what was best for him.We are so grateful to her for putting his well-being ahead of anything else!

It didn’t take long before someone came along who was looking for a small dog to be a friend for their little female dog, Phoebe. That seemed a perfect situation for Marcus, since he seemed benefit from the company of another dog. At first, the dogs had to figure out who and what belonged to whom, but because the adopters took things slowly and helped the dogs by providing good management, it didn’t take long for a new friendship to blossom. Marcus was eating, playing and adjusting well.

This was a perfect example of finding a home that works for both the family and the dog — always our goal.  Marcus’s first family was kind and loving, but Marcus, for whatever reason, needed something different.Nobody failed, it just wasn’t the right match. And good matches are what we want for all our animals and our adopters!

Lucas and Marcus have taken very different paths to good lives, and we are grateful to each of the families who made this happen. We hear there may be some play dates in the future for these two friends.

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