Rescue Tails / Finding Nemo, Dory and Squirt

Contributed by FKSPCA Staff

All of our adoptable kittens are very special, but this is the story of three extraordinary kittens who beat the odds and survived the hardships of being born on the streets and are now looking for their forever homes.  Nemo, Dory and Squirt were brought to our Marathon Campus by a Good Samaritan as month old kittens who were weak, underweight and seriously ill with upper respiratory and eye infections.  Their eyes were swollen shut so they could not see, and they would never have survived as strays.  Their prognosis, even with care, was poor.  But their story was not meant to end there.  They had a strong will to live and along with the loving, compassionate care of our veterinarian, staff and foster families, these kittens not only survived, but thrived and have become amazing companions with so much love to give to whomever chooses to adopt them.

Squirt is the smallest and most independent.  She healed completely from her illnesses as a baby and is a vibrant, energetic, playful little girl.  She will steal your heart with the way she fetches her little felt mouse and spits it out at your feet so you can throw it over and over.  She shows her love by rubbing her body against you from her adorable face to the tip of her tail.  She would thrive in a calm environment and would enjoy being adopted with her sister Dory or at least have another feline companion.

Dory is the most mellow and affectionate of the three.  She has some corneal scarring on her eyes, but her vision is not significantly affected.  There are sandy and caramel tones mixed in with her tabby coat that make her so stunningly beautiful that one doesn’t even notice her imperfect eyes.   What makes her very rare and special is the way she constantly crawls into your lap, leans back against you and gazes up into your eyes with so much love and gratitude.  She will be by your side as much as possible and will thrive in a home with someone who has time to share her affection.  She would especially enjoy being adopted with her sister Squirt.

Then there is Nemo…Mr. Personality!  He is the most social and the Alpha kitten of the three.  He wants to be the center of attention, take all the toys and eat all the wet food.  He’s a stunningly handsome specimen of tabby perfection and although he has the worst of the residual scarring to his eye, he has adapted his vision extremely well and has no limitations.  His fur is so soft, and he goes limp when you pick him up so that you feel as if you are holding a living teddy bear.  He is so irresistible when he wants attention, he will throw himself down on his side at your feet and gaze up at you waiting for pets and snuggles.  His purr is like a diesel engine that skips and when he’s happy or excited he makes the most adorable grunting noises.  Spend five minutes with him and you will surely fall in love.  He would be happy in a home with another kitten or cat, maybe even a gentle dog.  His foster family introduced him to their toddler grandchild, and he was very gentle and curious.  We could see him growing up with a child and becoming best friends for life.

These kittens are extra special, and we hope their story reaches the people whose lives they were meant to touch.  They are currently together in a foster home, so please visit us at to see more of their photos and to submit an online adoption application.


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