Man arrested in home burglary

A 24-year-old Summerland Key man was arrested Wednesday after a homeowner found him nude in a bathtub.

Jeffrey David Hons was charged with burglary and property damage.

Deputy Ty Torres responded to a home on the 300 block of Avenue D at approximately 12:17 p.m. regarding a burglary in process.

Deputy Torres arrived to find Hons surrounded by the homeowner and neighbors. Hons was detained. He refused to talk to Deputy Torres.

The homeowner stated he and his wife were at a neighbor’s home when he received a motion alert on his phone’s home security app. Cameras at the home captured footage of Hons unsuccessfully trying to open the front door of the residence. Hons then leaves the camera frame and walks toward a window.

The homeowner then went to his home, retrieved a firearm, and found Hons nude in a bathroom. He called 911 thereafter.

A nearby window left slightly ajar was found fully open and damaged.

Deputy Torres reviewed the camera footage and it corroborated the homeowner and witnesses’ version of events.

Hons was taken to jail.

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