Man arrested for video voyeurism  

A 45-year-old Key Largo man was arrested Monday night after a woman found a video camera in the bedroom, facing the bathroom and pictures of herself on his phone.

Mohamed Ibrahim was charged with video voyeurism and battery.

The 27-year-old female victim was sharing a room — with separate beds — with Ibrahim. The two are not romantically involved.

On June 1, the victim found a small camera on the wall next to Ibrahim’s bed facing the bathroom. The device was disguised as a USB charging adapter. She confronted Ibrahim and found nude pictures of herself on the deleted photos page of his iPhone. The photos also showed Ibrahim touching the victim while she slept.

The victim had no recollection of the events and gave no one permission to take the pictures or touch her.

Warrants were issued for Ibrahim’s arrest.

He was booked into jail on Monday and being held on an $85,000 bail.