KWHS Student Named State Volunteer of the Year



One of Key West High School’s finest students Jefflyne Desilme won the 2018-19 Outstanding School Volunteer Award for the state. The award recognizes Jefflyne as an “exceptional [contributor] of time and talent to enrich educational experiences,” according to Educational Consultant for the Florida Department of Education Cindy Huffman.

When she started first grade, Jefflyne did not even know English yet, and she says that was one of her hardest struggles along the way, “I had to run while other people were walking just to make sure I was staying up there.”

Jefflyne shows a great amount of hard work and dedication to anything that she does, and she notes that she worked very hard to earn this award. “It’s really nice for the board to recognize people and students who are actually doing this kind of thing and going out of their way,” Jefflyne comments.

The award means a great deal to Jefflyne, and validates the good work she hopes to continue. “I’ve decided, how I was helped, I would like to help other people that way too.” Jefflyne has indeed come through on her promise, as she has become a tutor, a translator at the hospital, and a summer school teacher, among other things.

First, Jefflyne won the award at the school level. From there she won it at the district level, and finally was recognized at the state level. This award acknowledges outstanding dedication to others, and Jefflyn is a model of this. She plans on continuing with her work, to help as many as she can.


Key West High School student Jefflyne Desilme stands tall as an outstanding student volunteer.
She first won the award at the school level, and went on to the district level, and finally was recognized at the state level.

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