If this does not piss you off, nothing will!

In March, Covid-19 supplies were in very short supply. A $1 billion fund under the Defense Production Act was established to help the nation “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.”

Recall we were desperately short of supplies back then. Tests kits and mask shortages extreme.

To this day, we still do not have enough test kits or masks. Though Trump often reminds us there is no problem, he has millions of each.

Where? Only in his imagination I suspect.

What actually happened is the money went to the Pentagon to distribute per Congress’ instructions for Covid-19 relief. Instead, the Pentagon used hundreds of millions of dollars to support private defense contractors.

Common Sense on September 23 reported: “If you can’t get a Covid test or find an N95 mask, it’s because these contractors stole from the American people to make faster jets and fancy uniforms.”

No one knew except those spending the money and those receiving it.

Examples of where the Pentagon spent the money interesting. Car maker Rolls-Royce received $183 million for drone and space surveillance technology. Eighty million went to Kaiser for their aircraft parts business. A subsidiary of Rolls-Royce received $22 million for an upgrade to its Mississippi plant.

The Pentagon received the responsibility to parcel the money as Congress had directed because the funds were received via the Defense Production Act.

This is the same Pentagon that cannot account for trillions of dollars spent the past several years. Not even an Ernst and Young audit could discover where the money went.

I have said it many times before. Someone or some have a hand in the pot. A lot of “grease” money has to have changed hands.

Trump in response to a reporter’s question yesterday refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day. Claims the ballots may be screwed up.

If Trump is not out of the White House on January 20, it will only be a short time before angered American citizens will storm the White House to remove him. A significant number of citizens will not stand for it.

The next step, an outright civil war.

Would you believe!

Trump tells us the economy is getting better. If so, why did demand for unemployment benefits increase last week by 870,000?

The Supreme Court presently in the news and will continue to be so through January 20.

A bit of Supreme Court history.

On this day in 1789, George Washington signed a law establishing the Supreme Court of the U.S. Staffed at that time by six justices who would serve till death or retired.

All six were confirmed by the Senate. In only 2 days.

The number of justices is now 9. Congress can change that number at any time. The Constitution does not prohibit such action.

I reported a few days ago that a shark attacked a 30 year old man near Sombrero Lighthouse off Marathon.

One of his shoulders was torn badly. The doctors report they hope the arm can be saved.

The man’s pregnant wife was on the boat nearby. She jumped in the water and pulled her husband into the boat.

My alma mater Syracuse University announced it has cancelled Spring Break 2021. The purpose to minimize travel and the anticipated closeness of those enjoying Spring Break. Also, to avoid quarantine complications.

The students will remain in school that week. To make up for the week, second semester in January will begin one week later.

The move not uncommon. Other schools such as Ohio State and Kansas State have already announced similar action.

Cow Key Bridge is scheduled to open today or tomorrow. My compliments to the contractor. A job well done. Consideration always given drivers and traffic moving swiftly.

Enjoy your day!

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