Our legal system is disintegrating.

In days gone by, the law could be depended upon to do the right thing. No more. As a result people are losing faith in the legal system.

The legal system is like a dike. It can handle a leak. Cracks are another story. The leaks turn into cracks and the walls are in danger of collapsing.

The Supreme Court is on the verge of losing face. Its politicization is destroying it. People are losing faith.

The non-judicial portion of the legal system has lost its way. Somehow, somewhere. The system seems to pay less and less attention to the 99 percent. Rights are violated. Rights not upheld. The system becoming more and more out of control.

A perfect example: Police being able to kill blacks with impunity.

A society whose laws fail to protect everyone understandably and fairly cannot survive.

Can the U.S. survive? Perhaps. Timing is everything. The disintegration discussed herein is no different than the Ovid-19 virus plaguing us. Millions infected and thousands dead.

The people of the U.S. must move with all deliberation and seriousness to destroy the political virus before it destroys America.

Can they?

I have had enough of Amy Coney Barret. She is on the wrong side of history.

Her ascendancy to the Supreme Court a fait accompli.

The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation have succeeded. It took them fifty years to finally and firmly change the face of the Supreme Court. Their patience won.

It will take a generation to correct the wrongs the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court will now perpetrate.

Nicholas Kristof published a right on Opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times. Titled: Will We Choose The Right Side Of History.

One of the areas he zeroed in on was Amy Coney Barrett’s method of answering questions. He described at as “avoidance.” Pure and simple. Precedent would control or she had no firm views on an issue. Hr evasiveness obvious.

So bad were such responses that Kristof wrote, “If she had been asked about astronomy, she might have explained: ‘I have read things about the Earth being round. I would not say I have a firm view on it.’”

Another doctor visit yesterday. Since I was downtown, I opted to drop of my mail in ballot at the Election Bureau.

I was concerned that my signature on the envelope might not look as it did when I first registered some 15 years ago. As my legs wobble, so do my hands on occasion.

I asked the clerk if I could see a copy of my registration signature. She brought it up on her computer screen. Told me not to worry. The same.

My car was parked in front of the Green Parrot. Several years ago the Green Parrot purchased the building next to it on Southard. Turned it into a restaurant. Big. Basically served burgers and the like.

The place was closed down. Windows boarded. A large sign: FOR SALE.

I observed the crowd on Duval again. Crowd the wrong term. Like nobody would have been more accurate. Roughly 10 percent that would be walking Duval at that time on a weekday if no virus. Next to no masks.

Enjoy your day!