Go-Live Date for Monroe County’s All-Online Electronic Permitting System Expected Oct. 3

MONROE COUNTY, FL – The Monroe County Building Department has set a go-live date for its new all-online permitting system on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. New permit applications starting on Oct. 3 will only be accepted using this online service. No paper applications or document submissions will be accepted. Permit applications and issued permits processed before Oct. 3 will remain in paper format and continue processing in paper format in the Building Department.

“We have been working on this development since mid-2021 and are excited to bring it to the public,” said Monroe County Permitting Administrative Director Ed Koconis. “This will allow the entire permitting process to move more quickly, and we are confident the new system will bring much-needed improvements.”

The Online Permitting Services website is www.monroecounty-fl.gov/onlinepermitting. Information related to the new permitting system includes instructional videos on registering an account, applying for a permit, and a walkthrough for applicants to see the application process from start to finish. The webpage will continue to have additional information posted as it becomes available. Account registration will be available starting Sept. 26.


Contractors who employ agents who submit permit applications on their behalf MUST submit the Agent Authorization Form, regardless of whether they have previously supplied this document to the staff.  Submit the authorization form to Contractor-license@monroecounty-fl.gov.

Architects, engineers, and private providers MUST obtain a digital signature from a digital certificate provider for submitted drawings. Digital certificates are used to digitally sign and seal documents submitted, must adhere to the Florida Administrative Code and Florida Statutes, and must also be of a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assurance level of three or higher. Certificate authorities accepted include Identrust, Global Sign, and Digitrust. Additional certificate authorities may be recognized in the future. NOTE: All licensed professionals will be responsible for verifying that the digital signatures purchased adhere to the requirements of the State of Florida and are utilized following the guidelines of their respective licensing boards.

Anyone who will submit a permit application MUST complete the user account registration process. Additionally, any person who will be affiliated with a permit, such as architects, engineers, and administrative staff for a contractor/qualifier, private provider, or for a homeowner for which a permit application is submitted, should register to take full advantage of the application access and other permit searching features. Registration and instructions will be available on Sept. 26 on the website.

For additional information, visit www.monroecounty-fl.gov/onlinepermitting or email permittinghelp@monroecounty-fl.gov.

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