Fake ride share driver arrested for sexual assault

A 32-year-old Stock Island man pretending to be a rideshare driver was arrested Thursday for exposing himself and touching a female passenger against her will.

Enmanuel Noslen Teixeira was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, battery and indecent exposure.

The 45-year-old female stated she was drinking on the 200 block of Duval Street sometime before 1 a.m. when she attempted to get a rideshare home, but added she had never used the phone app before. A silver SUV approached and she got in after the driver, Teixeira, stated he was with the rideshare company.

During the ride, Teixeira exposed himself and repeatedly asked the victim to touch him — advances she repeatedly rebuked. He attempted to pull her dress up, grabbed her wrist and put his hands on her legs, all the while she told him to stop and to let her out of the SUV, which he declined to do. He eventually dropped the victim off at her residence. The woman also told Deputies she got an odd feeling before he assaulted her, adding she felt the driver was not really a rideshare driver.

Deputies found a silver SUV, identified the driver as Teixeira and learned that though Teixeira had a rideshare company’s logo on his SUV, he was not working for the company. The victim identified Teixeira as the suspect. He was taken to jail.

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