Urban Forester Karen DeMaria, Community Services Foreman Brian Stevens, Commissioner Sam Kaufman, and Garrison Bight residents Suzyjo Moore, Patty Grady, Patrick Murphy, Colleen Hough, and Sandra Boland.

Community Creates Green Space

A dedicated group of people who live aboard at Garrison Bight gathered on Tuesday with City Commissioner Sam Kaufman and the City’s Urban Forester Karen DeMaria to celebrate the planting of two new trees in what has become a liveaboard community park.

Colleen Hough approached the City about beautifying what she called “a corner patch of scraggly grass” alongside the parking area, a place where residents, she said, like to sit with their dogs.

Residents had already worked to improve the area by scattering some potted plants, a bench and some chairs. But, Hough noted in an email to DeMaria, it still was uninviting due to the lack of shade.

According to DeMaria, the two gumbo limbos planted by the City’s Community Services crews, were donated by a resident who had removed some trees. Under the City’s tree ordinance, trees must be replaces when removed, and if there is no place on a property to plant a replacement, the removing entity can donate an equivalently sized tree and the City can plant them on public property. That’s what provided these two healthy trees to the folks at Garrison Bight.

Now the little pocket park created by the liveaboard residents will be a more inviting and shadier place to contemplate the nearby water.