Bicyclist injured after striking iguana

A 62-year-old Marathon man required stitches to his head Friday after an iguana ran in front his bicycle and caused him to crash.

There were no reported life-threatening injuries.

Traffic Enforcement Unit Deputy Andrew Leird responded to the bicycle path area in front of Crane Point Hammock 10:48 a.m. regarding a bicycle crash.

There he found the victim with scrapes and cuts to his head, arms and right leg. The victim stated he was traveling south on the bicycle path when an iguana darted out in front of him from the median grass area. The iguana became lodged in between the front tire and front wheel fork of the bicycle, causing the front tire to lock, which threw the victim over the handlebars and onto the asphalt.

The victim was taken to Fishermen’s Hospital in stable condition.

The condition of the iguana did not appear as stable.