An Icon is Secured for Future Generations

Key West, Florida, January 7th, 2022 – The Oldest House in Key West built in 1829 was doomed to the wrecking ball in 1960. Within weeks of its proposed demolition Old Island Restoration Foundation (OIRF) was formed and saved the home and another 3400 historic buildings in Old Town. 62 years later OIRF has received certification from the state of Florida Fire Marshal and the Key West Fire Marshal for a comprehensive fire suppression system with funds from The Florida Keys and Key West Tourist Development Council and assistance of Gary’s Plumbing and Fire.

President Nance Frank initiated the project and stated “Notre Dame had just burned. The newly elected board knew what had to be done. Our mission is to preserve and protect the culture, architecture and history of Key West. It’s now time to make sure that every historic public building in Key West will last for the next 200 years. Fire has destroyed Key West often during our history. If you know about a public landmark that needs to be fire suppressed we will assist the KWFD with expertise for funding.”

Please call OIRF at 305-294-9501 or LT. Inspector Fire Marshall Tim Anson at 305-809-3935 for more information and details.

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