The Land Authority Governing Board selected Charles Pattison as executive director of the Land Authority during a special meeting Tuesday at the Marathon Government Center.

Pattison, who was the county’s first executive director of the Land Authority from 1987 to 1989, will replace Mark Rosch.

Rosch, who held the position for 22 years, is stepping down for quality of life reasons. Rosch will continue to work in Land Authority as a senior property acquisition specialist.

A review committee selected Pattison, Cynthia Guerra and Charles Barrowclough out of a pool of 34 candidates. After one-on-one interviews and public comment, the Board of County Commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of Pattison, who also has worked on Keys issues at the state’s Department of Community Affairs and at 1000 Friends of Florida.

The three were supremely qualified folks,” Commissioner David Rice said. “It was not an easy selection. But Charles Pattison certainly has a knowledge of working in Tallahassee and working in Monroe County that served him well in the process.”

Contract negotiations will begin. If a contract can’t be reached with Pattison, Guerra was named the second choice.

The Monroe County Land Authority purchases property in the county for conservation, recreation and affordable housing. The Authority was established in 1986 to assist in the implementation of land use plans as an intermediary between land owners and government agencies that regulate land use.

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