Recycling rates in Key West went up 26 percent in 2014 thanks to the efforts of residents and businesses alike.
“There are many factors involved in this increase,” said the City’s Solid Waste Coordinator Will Thompson. “Our community embraced the transition to single day collections and the convenience of the new 65 gallon recycling carts. And more and more businesses are starting recycling programs.”
Thompson points out that better recycling rates translate in to cost savings for businesses.

“Commercial recycling costs nearly two thirds less than commercial trash removal, and those savings add up quickly,” he said. “If your company is interested in recycling, we can help you get started.”
That 26 percent increase in recycling means that over 5,700 tons of materials were recycled instead of throw into the trash in 2014. In 2013, Key West diverted just over 4,500 tons of trash to recycling. That’s an increase of more than 1,200 tons in just one year.
For more information on commercial recycling, contact Will Thompson at 809-3776, or


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