Roosevelt vandalism costs money, delays project completion



It’s like leaving your home unlocked. It’s like leaving the key in your car. It’s like leaving your billfold/purse on the bar while you go to the restroom. If you force a thief’s hand, he or she will gladly show it.

We in Key West are going through a lot of stress that requires a lot of patience, as N. Roosevelt Blvd. get a redo. Unfortunately, with new concrete sidewalks already down to spruce up the area (and make it safer), vandals have been at work with multiple incidents of messing with the new sidewalks.

It may seem like fun to the perpetrators, but they may have a big lesson to learn. With federal funds involved in the project, the vandalism could be raised to a felony level, says Dean Walters, project spokesperson.

Bigger, for all of us, is that the Florida Department of Transportation must remove and replace damaged areas. Thus, the end of the project could be moved back from its July deadline. Big for the nearby business owners, trucks and equipment will remain at the damaged sites until they are repaired.

And, don’t get comfortable, thinking the detours of the past few weeks are a thing of the past. They’re not. But come Monday, the entrance to Seventh street, beside the former Checkers, should be open. There will be continued nighttime lane closures. And work continues day and night at the Salt Channel Bridge – as well as the rest of the boulevard to Eisenhower Drive.


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