KWHS Varsity, JV honored at banquet


Key West High School soccer players were recognized at the program’s annual banquet held Thursday at the Peninsular Marine Yacht Club. Coaches Marc Pierre at Varsity and Shad Neiss at JV, both completing their first year coaching at KWHS, passed out awards and praised the players for their winning seasons.

     Varsity MVP honors went to Spencer Hamilton, with Justin Mock as Defensive Player of the Year and Adam Swiecicki as Offensive Player of the Year. Most improved was Bobur Ilkhamov.

     For the Varsity team, the most outstanding overall statistic was in the category of the Scholar-Athlete awards. The Team GPA was a very strong 3.49, with a dozen players earning grade point averages between 3.66 and 4.0: John Behmke, Alex Cabrera, Brian Coward, Kevin Coward, Simon Dayer, Alistair Fergus, Colin Hetzler, Steven Hobson, Spencer Hamilton, Rogelio Lopez-Gonzalez, Adam Swiecicki and Donte Thompson.

     Other awards went to Jack Behmke, Gavin Mock, Donte Thompson, Christian Lee, Brian Coward, Alex Cabrera and Roberto Remercy.

     For the JV, MVP was Jeremie Tilus and Offensive Player of the Year was BJ Noel, with a twin pick for best Defense: Van Wilson and Jack Frey-Hansen.

     JV Scholar-Athletes were Volodymyr Dobrotov, Sebastian Palay, Mark Robino and Eric Whiteside, all with GPAs between 3.5 and 4.0.

     Presented with Coach’s awards were JVs Galbo Sylia, Eric Whiteside, Marco Robino and Kyle Smith.

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