The team, coaches and managers are joined at the podium by Commissioners Gregory Davila and Jimmy Weekley, Mayor Teri Johnston, Commissioner Sam Kaufman, Clayton Lopez and Billy Wardlow. Commissioner Mary Lou Hoover is in attendance virtually on the screens above.

Key West High School Girls Basketball Varsity Team Commended

The Key West City Commission this week commended the Key West High School Girls Basketball Varsity Team for their win in the District 4A-16 Championship. This team is the first to bring back the championship in 30 years.

The team is coached by Shonta McLeod, Tanish Multy, Bernard Simmon and Nathaniel Hayes. The roster includes: Aubrey Hunter, Emily Tran, Allysa McRae, Olivia Gibson, Mohina Rakhmonova, Sarach Centonze, Dharma Murray, Miesha Hernandez, Jenkavia Harper, and Ziamora Cartwright. Managers include:  Dazmine Jenkins, Valerie Thene, Deonza Ayala, Talyah Teate, and Madona Pierre.

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