Get Your Wellness/There’s Quite A Few Topics That Seems To Continue Popping In The Fitness World


By Jenssa Berger


There’s quite a few topics that seem to continue popping up in the fitness world, no matter how many studies and tests are done. One that I am forever hearing and reading about is what time of day is best to workout?  Some studies suggest morning workouts in a fasted state, while others say whatever time but after having eaten at least one meal or snack prior to the workout.  Other studies even separate the groups up into cardio-based workouts versus resistance training. 



But the biggest question from people is  whether training first thing in the morning (or in a fasted state any other time during the day) will burn more fat than training in a fed state. I have read too many articles and studies that show this to be true not to believe it. I’ve even done plenty of self-experimentation on this theory and try to promote it.  Your body is primed and ready to burn fat when the digestive system is resting. The fat stores are tapped into and used as fuel, and unless you’ve been fasting for more than 48 hours, the muscles will not be used as energy.



Muscle mass will not be lost or taken as fuel.



So why workout at any other time of day? you may be asking.. Well, this is where just sheer common sense comes into play.  Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we would like them to all the time.  Someone just may not have the energy or even access to a gym in the morning before work. This means they have to work out in the evening after the job.



In my mind, if someone can’t get the energy levels up first thing in the morning for a workout, then imagine how poor of a workout it would be. It wouldn’t matter, at that point, if they were fasted or not.  Almost nothing would be accomplished anyway.



What is the best time of day to work out?  If you are a regular person that has a life and a job and other responsibilities, then the best time of day to work out is whenever you can consistently fit it in!  If one day you can only workout at 6 pm and the next day it’s at 7 am, that’s perfect. It sure beats getting in your head that if you can’t train at 6 am then you can’t train at all.

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