Letter to the Editor

Stuart Kessler

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the School Board District 1 seat. I believe that our school district can be one of the top districts in the state where the high academic achievement of our students, fair and respectful treatment of our staff, and responsible use of our taxpayers’ money can be the priority.


Monroe County is blessed with the highest per child revenue in the state, collecting thousands more than the second highest district. With that funding and the hard work of our talented students and teachers, we should be one of the highest-ranking districts in the state. Yet in the past several years, we have seen the academic achievement of our students fall. We have seen a parade of corruption and mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars, depriving our the children of their right to a quality education.


I have spent most of my adult life as a servant of public education in leadership positions. For the last four years, I served on the school board’s Audit and Finance Committee, including three years as chairman, during which time we’ve been able to uncover and make constructive recommendations to correct the School District’s mishandling of student and taxpayer money. Unfortunately, without actually being a member of the School Board, I have not been able to see these recommendations implemented.


If I am elected, we have an historic opportunity to elect a school board majority committed to reform, where making student success is the top priority, and where honestly, integrity, transparency and competence are non-negotiable requirements. Our students deserve a top quality education – we cannot continue to allow adult incompetence and misbehavior to interfere and rob students of their opportunity for success. Respect for students, parents and hard working staff must finally be returned.


I know that candidates before me have promised reform, but have not been able to deliver; however, my long record of performance in Monroe County has already proven my courage, skill, and commitment to these reforms. As a member of the board, you can be confident that I will work hard as possible to accomplish the changes that I promise.

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