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There is a common misconception surrounding Hospice care and its services. Typically, when one considers this method of healthcare, they view it as defeat, surrendering to their ultimate fate. In reality, Hospice can provide care and services for someone who is eligible, for up to six months! The earlier the patients arrive, the more time caretakers have to manage their symptoms, work with the family, and develop a network for them. It’s not just the last couple days of life, in fact, that myth needs to be debunked. People should be made aware of the benefits of hospice- so that they can be made comfortable for as long as possible.

“Hospice is a patient centered philosophy of care and support for individuals experiencing a life limiting illness and facing end of life issues. While they are being catered towards medically, we also help to manage the physical and emotional challenges that the patient and family face.”, explains Vivian Dodge, the Executive Director of Chapters Health Hospice in Monroe County. Dodge speaks very highly of what she and her team at Chapters Health Hospice do for the community.

Vivian Dodge and her team at Chapters Health Hospice have been operational since the end of December 2020, and have been doing exceptionally well ever since. Chapters Health Profit is affiliated with Chapters Health System, which is one of the largest not-for-profit community based Healthcare organizations. In the last six months, Chapters Health Hospice has had a positive response from the community. They recently were awarded deemed status with The Joint Commission, after being surveyed for their work. The Joint Commission survey, as explained by Dodge, is a three day unannounced survey. To receive the gold seal of approval means that they have met or exceeded performance standards, quality of care standards, and that the community has provided positive feedback. Dodge expressed her team’s honor to be able to offer “stellar end of the life care that fits with the needs of our community.” She goes on to explain how “The Keysers”, as she refers to locals, are very unique, so the care they receive is tailored towards them.

Dodge details the unique aspects of Chapters Health Hospice, and how it is much more than that last stretch of life. They are able to tailor services to each patient’s needs, including the patient’s network of people behind them. Dodge includes, “Dying is a fundamental part of our lives, it’s important to our team that patients are able to have a meaningful discussion with us and those that matter to them about what is most important in their life at this point.” She emphasizes that their goal is to establish a comfortable and welcoming environment for every patient. The team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and other necessary members in order to work together and support each patient’s vast network.

Dodge acknowledges that each patient has personal needs, and that death is a very sensitive and difficult thing for people to cope with. “Something people don’t know about hospice is that we will provide the medications, medical equipment, medical supplies as related to their diagnosis. We also offer a lot of support. We have a program that offers grief support for families and the community at large for up to 13 months after somebody passes. This service is for anyone in Monroe County that has experienced a loss, and it’s free.” Dodge states. The only thing that Chapters Health Hospice asks? Is that more people recognize how much they can do for their community!

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