Urgent Need for O Negative Blood Donors

(Orlando, Florida June 9, 2016)  The need for O Negative blood donors is real, and the need is now.

There is a dramatic increase in the demand for O Negative blood by area hospitals and as a result OneBlood, the local blood center, is urging people with O Negative blood to please donate as soon as possible.

O Negative blood is in constant demand because of its universal power to save lives.  O Negative red blood cells can be given to any patient regardless of the recipient’s blood type – and that is why it is so vital.  Trauma patients, cancer patients and premature babies are among the people requiring      O Negative every day.

If you do not know your blood type, donate blood and the blood center will let you know. For a list of OneBlood Donor Centers and Big Red Bus blood drives click here.

Generally healthy people age 16 or older who weigh at least 110 pounds can donate blood. To learn more about the importance of blood donation and how donors can target the power of their blood type visit oneblood.org.

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