UF/IFAS Extension Monroe County Presents:  Florida Friendly Lunch-and-Learns: Benefits of Mulch

Friday, June 25th 12pm to 1pm

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch helps retain soil moisture, protects plants, inhibits weed growth, and so much more. Join us for a free online discussion on how mulch benefits your plants and yards and best practices for incorporating it into your landscape.


  • Mulch reduces the germination of weeds
  • Mulch helps retain soil moisture
  • Mulch gives your landscape a finished appearance
  • As organic mulch decomposes, it improves soil structure
  • Mulch moderates soil temperatures, keeping the soil cool when the temperature is hot, and warm when the temperature is cold.

This class is free, however pre-registration is required. You will be sent a zoom link and password via email the day before the meeting. You can participate through your home computer, smartphone or other listening devices.

INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Leonard-Mularz, UF/IFAS Extension Monroe County Environmental Horticulture Agent

Please call (305)292-4501 or email monroe@ifas.ufl.edu to register.