Theater Review / Theater Hit “Twice Told Tales” Returns to The Studios

Three years ago, TheatreXP’s Bob Bowersox came across an intriguing new theatrical idea he really loved. Called “Twice Told Tales”, he decided to give it a go at Summer Stage 2017, produced under his TheatreXP banner. It turns out his summer theater fest customers loved it as much as he did. It was a smash hit. He repeated the evening at last year’s Summer Stage, with the same results.

So this year, “Twice Told Tales” – a night of contrasting, dueling monologues – will make its in-season debut for two nights only, March 6 and 7, at 8 pm in the Helmerich Theater at the Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street. Tickets —  both VIP and General Seating — are limited and can be had at or by calling 305-296-0458.

Normally relegated to the heart of a play, or made a tool of directors for auditions, the monologue – one actor, solo on stage, delivering a single speech that hopefully has power, emotion, message, and connection – is seldom allowed to  stand alone center-stage as the sole star.

Until now.

“Twice Told Tales” is an evening of monologues, each delivered twice….once each by two different actors, guided by a single director in two completely different directions, resulting in two completely different outcomes for the monologue and for the audience.

Directors for this year’s show include top Key West helmers Tony Konrath, Mathias Maloff, John McDonald, Carole MacCartee, Melody Moore, Karen Leonard, Tom Murtha, Diane May, and Bowersox himself. Actors will include Wayne Dapser, Melody Moore, Mira Negron, Richard Quint, Peggy Montgomery, Archil Megrelishvili, Janet Harwell, Sarah Goodwin, Su Nubia, Ellen Rickert, Daashia Cooper, Barbara Mundy, Daniel Bochlas, Peggy Guidotti, Aramis Ikatu, Kathy Russ, Donna Stabile, and Tim Dahms.

Here’s how it works:

Monologues are chosen by the directors – the subject can be anything. Each can be two to four minutes long.  Each director is given two actors, who may be of different genders or sexual orientations, but two actors of the same gender could also be used. The directors then work with each actor separately in rehearsal, developing the monologue in two completely different ways…meaning interpretation or delivery or emotion or intent or all of them.

The evening of the performance, each monologue is then delivered in its dual iterations, back to back. The results are sometimes startling.

“It’s a fun, surprising, and often illuminating evening of theatre,” said Bowersox, “and the audiences have really loved the show. And it shows how direction and actor interpretation can completely change a piece of writing. It really shows the magic of theater.”

“It’s utterly wonderful, and completely entertaining,” said the Studio’s Rosi Ware, who has seen all three previous versions of “Twice Told Tales”. “Don’t miss it.”

Tickets for the one-night-only event are available at or 302-540-6102. They will also be available at the door that evening. For more information, visit or call TheatreXP at 302-540-6102 or The Studios of Key West at 305-296-0458.