The Adventures of Winter Break



Winter Break is now officially over for most Monroe County’s students. As a result, it is probable that students will be asked the burning question, “What did you do over Winter Break?” From my own personal experience, the answer is either: “I went out of town to visit [family member/s]” or “I didn’t do anything but catch up on sleep”. Today I will provide you with some insight into what students do with their free time, by highlighting these three amazing students.

First up is a freshman at Key West High School. During the school year, he receives after school tutoring at the Learning Center for his AP Geography Class and his other honors classes. For the first week of Winter Break, he visited his older brother in Ohio. In the second week, he completed chores around the house to clean up after Christmas. His favorite present was the new foldable gaming chair he received from his mom. According to him, the chair is so comfortable that he had “slept in it the other night.” Hopefully, the chair will provide great support for his gaming endeavors. 

Next is an eighth grader at Sigsbee Charter School. She is an honors student and plays for her school’s basketball team, and is the left guard and running back for HOB’s Flag Football team. On the side, she plays tennis and golf, and takes private piano lessons. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games (mainly Call of Duty: Warzone, Roblox, and Sea of Thieves), reading manga/manhwa, and watching movies and shows (mainly anime and Korean dramas) with her friends. During winter break, she hung out with her friends, played video games, slept, and babysat kids as a side job. She also celebrated Kūčios (Lituanian Christmas Eve), Christmas, and New Year’s. Her favorite present was the karaoke machine that her mom gifted her. The neighbors will be so delighted to hear the sound of her voice carrying through the block for years to come.

Last, but not least, is another freshman at Key West High School. He is an English honors student, and plays trumpet for the school’s marching band. He enjoys rock and lyrical rap, cars, and science. In his free time, he enjoys playing his guitar and taking pictures of his cat. Throughout winter break, he visited a friend’s farm, drove an ATV, and watched the new Spiderman Movie (No Way Home). He celebrated Christmas and New Year’s. His favorite gift was the new iPhone his grandma gave him. Next semester, he plans to, “Do what I [he] did the last semester, but better.” Break a leg!

Now that school is back in session, students will be forced to leave the comfort of their bed and return to their bustling school schedules to prepare for finals. I wish luck upon Monroe County’s students and teachers for this semester’s opportunities and obstacles.

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