Stay safe: “Click or Ticket!”

The Sheriff’s Office and our law enforcement partners are participating in the nation- and state-wide “Click it or Ticket” campaign, enforcing seat belt laws vigorously throughout the Florida Keys.

Wearing a seat belt saves lives — no one knows that better than we do. It is a terrible thing for an officer to respond to the scene of a serious accident where injuries could have been avoided simply by clicking that seat belt buckle. It is a simple way to stay safe!


Heavy traffic expected Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29, is one of the busiest weekends of the year for traffic in the Florida Keys and this year will be no exception. The Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit, which will be out in force during the holiday weekend to make sure people are driving safely.

All Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Officers will be assigned to work the entire holiday weekend and will work county-wide to help supplement road patrol, particularly on U.S. 1.

The influx of visitors is expected to cause traffic slowdowns, particularly southbound in the Upper Keys, on Friday. Many of those same visitors will leave on Monday and cause slowdowns in the opposite direction on that day. Anyone planning to be on the road over the weekend should plan extra time accordingly.

Residents typically always expect heavy traffic over Memorial Day weekend and this weekend is no different.

Deputies will be in particular looking out for people passing in no-passing zones, passing illegally in turn lanes, traveling at unsafe speeds, and drinking and driving.

On the water, Sheriff’s Office marine deputies will keep an eye out for unsafe boating practices, particularly drunk boating; many people head offshore to have a good time, but boaters should make sure to designate someone sober to bring the vessel and its passengers back to shore safely.

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