St. Paul’s Church to Honor Victims of Covid-19

Bell to Be Rung for Each Victim At Midday on Friday 

To facilitate public reflection, and to express our community’s sense of loss, St. Paul’s Church on Duval Street will have a short Facebook live program at noon on Friday and will ring the church’s bell one time for each Monroe County resident who has died of Covid-19.

At noon St. Paul’s Music Director Tim Peterson will play Mozart’s Ave Verum on the church organ. A votive candle will be lit for each victim. The short ceremony will be broadcast live on the Church Facebook Page ( ).

At the conclusion of the musical piece, the church will ring its tower bell once for each Monroe County victim (28 as of Wednesday, but subject to change if state reports indicated a higher number.)

Residents and visitors in Old Town are asked to stop wherever they are during the tolling of the bell to reflect and pray for all the victims of Covid-19. The church will not be open, but it is hoped that residents will pause wherever they are to remember, reflect and pray while the bell tolls.